Week 9: Bad Governance

Canada‘s ‘Predatory Politics’ now playing on the world stage

If there’s one play that never should have been scribed in our history, it is the one that no one wants to watch, but all are forced to suffer even when it sickens them: Canada’s own ‘Predatory Politics’, starring Stephen Harper.

It’s a non-fictional story depicting true events about unimaginable befoulment and unbridled egoism that is so deeply ingrained in the characters one would think they were raised by monsters. The scope of venality reaches new heights as co-stars Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark and others play their cold hearts out to the corporate audience in narcissistic displays of apathy and abomination.

Worse stink-bomb ever

It’s a stinker of a show when it comes to governance, because it is beyond bad – it’s continuously bombing at the humanitarian box office. Good governance is when the highlights in the review include legitimacy, transparency, accountability, Rule of Law, etc. What we are watching now is worst governance where growth in social services has become growth in self-servitude, the use of public resources is for personal extravagance and the realm of public good is now a feedlot for the corporate beasts.

These notorious actors prove themselves over and again that they are ‘creatures with a cause’ and that cause is singular: them. They are what’s known as predators in the political world and it accurately describes them when they extract wealth from the populace and deprive citizens of essential services. The other observable sign of a predatory system is the citizens’ ever-growing sense of powerlessness, exploitation and unhappiness. Yes, we have a signature predatory system in Canada!

This is the monstrosity of our situation and it’s this mindset in certain government officials that greatly reduces our capacity for economic growth and is an obstruction to our development. We can forget horizontal, vertical and external accountability, because they simply don’t exist. When we have such far-reaching putrid ideology we have zero accountability and that is unacceptable!

  1. On a horizontal level of accountability there are supposed to be government overseers with the authority to enforce the qualities of a liberal democracy and administer justice to corrupt politicians, but the patron-client picture is still being shoved in our faces.
  2. On an external level we have international laws that make predatory corruption a crime against humanity, but corruption abounds and surrounds us endlessly. Where are the global organizations that should have prevented Canadian scientists from being muzzled and tar sands from expansion when they are such a unitary threat?
  3. Then there’s the level most of us are on, the vertical one, where the citizens resolve to demand accountability and refuse patronage to a cause that clearly goes against every principled word in the democratic dictionary. We need more of them.

Let’s rewrite this nauseating tragedy by injecting a scene from Monty Python and becoming the ‘killer rabbits’ of the Canadian kind to let no one defile our hallowed domain.

Let’s boycott the bestial brutes and spur our watchdogs to do the job of protecting our democratic rights like they’ve never done before.

Let’s bring ourselves out from behind the scenes and become the main characters as ‘Crackerjack Canadians’ in a new production called ‘Citizens Alive’.

Look down first, then look forward

When living in a country like Canada with such a mixed bag of peoples and ideologies we need only look at the common ground that supports us all: the ground beneath our feet. When we stand together as the people of this beautiful terra firma we can stand up to anyone who would rip that rugged terrain from under us.

‘Canadianism’ should be the biggest ethnicity: a people bringing the best of themselves to this country in reverence of the favorable circumstances that it offers, like their ancestors did. Let us remind our politicians of our right to be here, as well as our right to protect the ground we walk on and the waters that surround it. We are the stewards of this land of opportunity and as long as we take care of it, it will take care of us – because, they sure as shoe gum won’t.

People United Are Unstoppable