Week 6: Constitutional Design

Flightless partisan priorities

It doesn’t make sense to support extremism in either a left-wing equality-driven political system or a right-wing equity-driven one.

  • The former is progressive and believes in fair taxation, affordable health care for the masses and minority rights, because all are important.
  • The latter is conservative and believes in privileged taxation, health care for those who can afford it and rights to the wealthy, because the rich are more important.

That’s why it boggles the mind to hear the words ‘progressive’ and ‘conservative’ when describing a concept, let alone a party, because it’s a contradiction by definition.

Simply put: one form of government strives to serve the whole while the other strives to have the whole serve it. One might argue that the fault in leaning too far left will create a welfare state, because people will become lazy and rely too heavily on government for assistance. On the other hand, placing less tax burdens on business and more on the people who are struggling to make ends meet while working in those businesses is nothing less than government-sanctioned slavery.

Open minds find more solutions

Consider the whole bird: there is no reason citizens should be forced to choose between one of two opposing mindsets when people don’t think or live in such a way. Our minds are open and always seeking the best solutions to any problem, and it’s always found somewhere in the middle – between these opposing views. So, let’s clip the wings of politics and start focusing on the bird in the middle that is still hungry and needs to be fed with consolidated thinking.

We have our parameters and we can have a happy medium, and that’s where the support should be: for the greater good. So, how does a government know what decisions will cause the greater good effect?

  • They heed, rather than dismiss the people and consult, rather than muzzle the experts.
  • They choose to be a representative of solid principled democracy, rather than a name on the list of lesser and greater evils that citizens cringe to face on election day.
  • They identify the working class as the largest concentration of brain and brawn power that supports the entire country, because without them none of it would be.

Where there’s a need

We need to find what works! The right-wing theory of giving privilege and incredulous tax breaks to corporations because the profits should trickle down fairly to the employees has been disproved in the field. In fact, the profits are injected directly into augmenting the adipose tissue of the echelons; not into fortifying the lean muscle of the laborers.

We need a true egalitarian democracy! We have seen and suffered too much under the perverted policies presented by pompous prats in parliament that don’t work for anyone – and never will.

People United Are Unstoppable