Week 5: Democratic Transition

Regressing from democracy

While many countries in the world are struggling with transition into democracy due to authoritarian breakdown, in Canada we are struggling to regain democracy as our status quo. We no longer have a Canadian government, we now have a Harper government that has transmuted us right out of our democratic orbit and into a galactic mine field of avaricious audacity.

Unlike alternative regime types, we don’t have a history of military rule or decades of hardship ahead of us in fighting for unfamiliar democratic rights; we had the groundwork done for us as a nation of the Commonwealth. Democracy is not a foreign concept of civil liberties and human rights in the Western world; it has been evolving in Canada since the mid-1800s. Only a couple of decades after it was established our ancestors lobbied for the women’s right to vote – democracy was evolving into a higher level even then.

Today, 165 years later, there is a new kind of politics in Canada: it is vile, voracious and venal. It is an aberration: a radical aversion from our normal state of political regime. We aren’t even going backwards into the authoritarian counterpart, because we’ve never been there in the first place. The direction we are going is sideways into a parallel plane of parliamentary pittance powered by personal pomposity.

We are a nation in crisis.

Zero government representation

Our government does not represent us; it rejects us. It is the ruptured disc in the spine of the strong backs of Canadians. The signs of eminent rupture were there, but we couldn’t feel them until they became strong enough to cripple and debilitate every cornerstone of every good foundation we had laid with every back-bone of our being. We ought to check the graves of our ancestors to see if the ground has been disturbed as much as the spirit of Canada has been disturbed in every Canadian today.

We need to act!

Somewhere in our lineage each of us has ancestors that fought for the democratic rights we’ve come to take for granted. They are calling all Canadians to be impassioned in demanding a solid principled democracy – right raving now.

People United Are Unstoppable