Week 10: Future of Democracy

The Harper Scheme

How the Harper government came to be is nothing short of a variation on a Ponzi Scheme set up to mislead and defraud Canadians using parliament as its front for dirty deals. In criminology it is known as a ‘state-corporate’ crime and falls under ‘white collar crime’, which is a financially motivated nonviolent crime enacted by business persons and government officials. We can call this one the ‘Harper Scheme’.


The Harper Scheme breeds and thrives where there is ‘lack of action’ in others, from apathy among the citizens to the setting of low priority status by law enforcement of white collar crimes. There is no precedent for this type of patronizing attitude towards the populace except in the world of crime lords where a disillusioned demos is the perfect place to flaunt falsehoods in the face of the people.

We see many clear indicators of a deigned democracy in this scheme of bad governance with worse ideas racing roughshod towards the ultimate in authoritarian rule that include:

  • constant camouflaged corruption
  • covert conspiracies with anti-democratic leaders
  • disdain for women’s equality
  • dismissive in the Rule of Law
  • disrespect for the providence of nature
  • massive secret meetings
  • repression of detrimental truths

Scheme signature signs

When you make up your own laws to use against people so you can extract money from them through misdirection and misrepresentation, you are working a scheme.

When you are frenzied by aggressive greed to the point of heaping greater poverty on the people you have coerced into investing in you, you are working a scheme.

When you are agonizingly hostile towards your competition so you can appear to be above the law as the only one who’s right, you are working a scheme.

The common sense of crime

The saddest and most despicable aspect of white collar crime is although it is classified as a nonviolent crime, it is one of the biggest contributors to violence and therefore should be re-classified as a ‘violence-enhancing’ crime. It is a fact that poverty is the biggest catalyst for criminal activity in human beings, as anyone with an iota of common sense or humanity would know. Decidedly, anyone who is willing to incite crime by creating a poverty state through deliberate mismanagement of funds while calling themselves a leader of a country is either a mobster or a monster.

Finding representation in the challenge

It is through a figure of cutthroat character spouting dubious dialect that Canadians are represented in the world today and that is not who we are – we need to demand true representation. We can make this our zeitgeist moment: our spirit of the times in rising to a higher challenge than we’ve ever seen so that we can stop being conned by anyone’s scheme.

Here we can take a lesson from the Chinese with their Grass Mud Horse (Cao Ni Ma) and adopt a Baidu symbol of our own to represent our defiance of this demonized democracy.

It may be a cute stuffed intestinal worm (Ju Hua Can) meaning ‘anal’


or a French-Croation squid (Fa Ke You) meaning ‘screw you’

or a small elegant butterfly (Ya Mie Die) meaning ‘stop’ in reference to rape.

Bottom line right now

A high-quality democracy can only happen when the people are involved, as the quality of a democracy is a direct reflection of citizen participation – that is the entire basis of it.

People United Are Unstoppable