Week 1 & 2: Democracy & Legitimacy

Secretly switching the system

What stands out in Canada today is the obvious lack of true democracy and the apparent model of authoritarian regime our political officials have turned to. It is beyond corrupting the high standards that democracy affords us; it is an outright dismissal of the values our country is founded on.

It’s a real turn to the dark side of political regime types that happened while we were busy taking care of our families and communities – the likes of which only Darth Vader would be proud.

In short, the democratic system that was established to protect our country and its people is in peril to say the least. One way to get it back on track and make it even stronger is to be educated about what exactly has been stolen from us and demand it back.

Democracy best for human rights

In learning about ‘democracy’, one realizes the fact that it is the best political system for defending human rights. There also exists around the world alternative regime types that do not allow such freedoms: in particular ‘authoritarianism’ and ‘kleptocracy’ (a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves).

The saddest and scariest part is, the latter leadership styles describe to a ‘T’ the political direction that Stephen Harper, Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell and their kind have taken us. The picture becomes very clear when you do a side-by-side comparison of these regime types and let me say very loudly,


Even in its simplest form of ‘electoral democracy’ we have electoral fraud.

These so-called ‘leaders’ have no respect for the rules of democracy and all score a disgraceful 0 out of 10 points in Political Legitimacy, which includes the aspects of:

  • shared wealth,
  • accountability,
  • stability,
  • transparency, and
  • freedom.

Legitimacy directly affects democracy and any legitimacy they did have is what was there when they came into their position of power – and they have squandered that inheritance, too.

The bigger picture for Canadians

We are in what is known as a ‘Democratic Recession’ and the strongest resources we have to counteract this downward spiral is our Constitution and the voice of the people. It is apparent and imperative that the citizens of Canada regain control of their government officials, because we deserve better than how they are currently treating us. It will require more people to take up the sword and shield to protect and defend our endangered democratic system and bolster it back from its near-death experience and into its full glory.

What we need is more people to know in their hearts and minds what HIGH-QUALITY DEMOCRACY actually looks like and the fact that it’s real, attainable, and it’s where we should be on the political scale. Then, the ideas for creating such a society will spew forth unbounded in the face of fascist fundamentalism to make it so – for now and the future.

People United Are Unstoppable