Crash Course In Democracy

Download 18-page pdf

This short 18-page booklet is a weekly journaling of discovered revelations learned while taking a course on democracy and at the same time comparing it to the democracy the Canadian government was presenting to the citizens.

In 2013 the difference was already vast and democracy had been relegated to the back burner of politics while the federal government took unprecedented control by exploiting loopholes in the parliamentary system ad infinitum.

This guide shows many of the HOW’S that allowed an authoritarian mindset to infiltrate our system and expose its weaknesses, as well as the WHY’S that Politics does not mix with Oil, Poverty or Religion. It also shows the WHAT’S we can do for immediate change, starting with our minds.

It helps one envision what a high-quality democracy looks like and why it’s the ideal we should be striving for. We need to keep the right picture at the forefront of our minds and not the one the corrupt politicians wants to show us, because theirs is not a pretty one, as we all know.

The topics covered over these ten weeks of learning include: Democracy & Legitimacy; Consolidation & Culture; Economics & Society; Democratic Transition; Constitutional Design; Electoral Systems; Ethnicity & Federalism; Bad Governance; Future of Democracy.

The bottom line: When you know what a civilized democracy looks like, you just can’t settle for anything less

People United Are Unstoppable